Monday, September 29, 2008

Next step

So we finally have 5 references, that was the only thing holding us back from sending in the application. So once we mail it in, we just have to wait for the agency to call us to set up an appointment and then we will officially have started! We've been talking about this for so long, I can't believe we are finally going through with it. I really hope we can get the home study done before Christmas so we can apply with the other agency in the beginning of next year.

I know this is kind of dumb, but I really hope that we get a baby in enough time for me to go to Japan to visit my sister. I want to visit her in the spring of 2010, but I am afraid that if we get a baby before then but the adoption hasn't been finalized I might not be allowed to take him/her out of the country. And I would be so sad to miss that opportunity, I will probably never have another chance to go to Japan. I know a baby is more important, but also if I don't get to go there, my sister and her family might not see my baby until they come home which won't be until 2011. The baby might not even be a baby by then. Of course, if I can't go I can't go, but it's just one more thing swimming around in my head these days.

Anybody want to know what my biggest fear in all this is? I am afraid that we will get a call for an emergency placement and I won't have clean clothes if I have to pack to leave at the last minute. That is so dumb and trivial, but yet I can't stop thinking about it!! I really hope we get matched with a birthmom who is still pregnant, I am such a planner that it will make it so much easier on me, lol. And I also want to be in the delivery room if I am allowed, so that's another reason I want to be matched with an expectant mom. So cross your fingers for us! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A different trip to the same place

I wanted to share this with you all. It is the inspiration for the title of this blog, and it explains the journey of adoption so perfectly that I feel everyone should read it.

A Different Trip to the Same Place

Deciding to have a baby is like planning a trip to Australia: You’ve heard that it is a wonderful place.

You’ve read many guidebooks and feel certain that you’re ready to go. Everyone you know has traveled there by plane. They say it can be a turbulent flight with occasional rough landings, but you can look forward to being pampered on the trip.

So you go to the airport and ask the ticket agent for a ticket to Australia. All around you excited people are boarding planes for Australia. It seems there is no seat for you; you’ll have to wait for the next flight. Impatient, but anticipating a wonderful trip, you wait…and wait…and wait.

Flights to Australia continue to come and go. People say silly things like “Relax, you’ll get on a flight soon.” Other people actually get on a plane and then cancel their trip, to which you cry, “It’s not fair!”

After a long time, the ticket agent tells you, “I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to get you on a plane to Australia. Perhaps you should think about going by boat.”

“By boat!” you say. “Going by boat will take a very long time and it costs a great deal of money. I really had my heart set on going by plane.” So you go home and think about not going to Australia at all. You wonder if Australia will be as beautiful if you approach it by sea rather than air. But you have long dreamed of this wonderful place for so long and finally you decide to travel by boat.

It is a long trip; many months over many rough seas. No one pampers you. You wonder if you will ever see Australia. Meanwhile, your friends have flown back and forth to Australia two or three more times, marveling about each trip.

Then one glorious day, the boat docks in Australia. It is more exquisite than you ever imagined and the beauty is magnified by your long days at sea. You have made many wonderful friends during your voyage and you find yourself comparing stories with others who also traveled by sea rather than by air.

People continue to fly to Australia as often as they like, but you are able to travel only once, perhaps twice. Some say things like, “Oh, be glad you didn’t fly...My flight was horrible...Traveling by sea is so easy.”

You will always wonder what it would have been like to fly to Australia. Still you know that God blessed you with a special appreciation for Australia and that the beauty of Australia is not in the way you got there, but in the place itself.

Enjoy your trip!!!

By Diane Armitage


So this is the first post of many on this awesome journey. I am starting this blog so I can have a journal of the ups and downs of our adoption to hopefully share with my child one day.

First I will start out with the logistics. We are Kristy and Varunan and we have been married for 5 years. WE have both felt the pull to be parents most all our lives, but due to medical conditions we have been unable to have a biological child. We fostered 2 children for 10 and a half months, and we will never forget that amazing experience and those two beautiful children. But now we feel it is our time to get a baby we will keep forever.

We have been doing research for awhile now and we have chosen an agency. We have secured our finances and we feel emotionally ready. We are about to begin the home study which we hope to complete by the new year.

If all goes well we should be on the "waiting families" list by the beginning of next year, and then it is all in the hands of the expectant mothers. I hope that you all will help us in this journey, especially once we do get on that list since that will be the hardest part because there will be nothing for us to do except wait. And wait and wait.

Thank you for reading,
Kristy and Varunan