Monday, October 20, 2008

PPL pwer line project

So "they" are trying to get a huge power line run straight through my community. It is to transfer power from west of here to out of state, it is being proposed by a company who doesn't even supply power to our town, so we would see zero benefit from it. "They" say that there is no choice and that if it isn't done there will be rolling blackouts and loss of power by 2013 in D.C., Long Island and other places on the east coast.

Above is a picture of the proposal. The blue line is the projected path, the red blob is my house. It will be so close!!

There are already power lines there, but these will be more than twice as high and wider also. The current lines only have 150 ft of right of way currently, but they will need 200 feet, so some people's property will be cut into. We live in a rural area in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Right now when I look out my window I see mountains, but if this goes through I will see power lines. It is going to affect my house value, it may affect my health and the health of my child I am adopting, it will affect the environment and the animals, and it will also cut through a national park! I just want to cry about it!

Here is am article that explains it all.

There have been meetings and the HOA is fighting it. So are our state representative and our congressman, and there is a meeting with Arlen Spector our senior senator today about it but I don't know which side he is on yet.

I really hope this doesn't go through. They have submitted the proposal to the Public Utility Commission and we are hoping it won't be approved. If anyone wants to help me by writing a letter to them, let me know and I will get the website. It might be our only chance to save Saw Creek.

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Anonymous said...

sooo that blows. they shouldnt put it right by your hosue like that, espeically right in your neighbors back yards, they obviously have to put it osmehwere tho, they should just move in